Water Domes

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 water domes

About Water Domes

A water dome occurs when water is trapped under an impermeable rock surface.

Under some circumstances, the water may become pressurized and leak through weak areas in the rock, shooting upward toward the surface. This moving pressurized water radiates toxic EMF’s that can affect the way people feel, how they sleep, and the ability to concentrate.

Sleeping on top of a water dome can lead to the feeling of fatigue, as it is impossible for sensitive individuals to get a good night’s sleep.  This can lead to depression and physical illnesses.

Tools for Neutralizing the Effects of Water Domes

Flower Essences

5 D water

Essential Oils

Frankincense,  copalblue gum eucalyptus, pink lotus , kamala, or white lotus absolute

Crystals and Minerals

Amazonite, white marble, granite

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