Throughout our website, you will find suggestions on various forms of herbal remedies for all kinds of physical, mental, and spiritual issues and conditions.

  • None of these are recognized or approved by the FDA.  They are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.  They have not been studied or evaluated by the FDA as to the risks or effectiveness. 

The information on this website, including herbal remedies, essential oils, healing techniques, and so forth, are provided solely for educational purposes.  They are the result of my 20+ years of professional practice in the healing arts, as an internationally certified aromatherapist.  Every herbal or alternative method listed is one that I have either used successfully in my practice or personal life, or one that was recommended to me from someone who used it successfully (including other professionals and lay persons).  This information should not be seen as health claims.

I provide this information for those who choose to experiment outside of the accepted medical parameters.  I have seen many people, myself and partner included, who were able to use these and other natural healing methods to regenerate their bodies.  In my heart, I feel a sense of responsibility to  share these gems of wisdom and experience for others who have the will to try them and use them.

In doing so, I draw from all of the indigenous elders, mentors, bodyworkers, Chinese medicine teachers, herbalists, aromatherapists, energy healers, and biochemical nutritionists that have worked with me, taught me and shared with me to help me and others heal.  I do not carry a title or degree.  All I offer is my own experience, and my own authority.  All readers must take responsibility for themselves, and use their own judgement about when it is appropriate to experiment and when it is not.

Who Should Use Herbal Remedies

Common sense tells us that not everyone is alike.  Bodies respond to herbal and natural forms of healing differently.  Not every method works for every person.

Some people should not use herbal remedies at all.  For those who are on blood thinning drugs, or immune system suppressors, herbal remedies are not generally considered compatible with these forms.

However, I will not say “never”, as I have met people who were able to get off of this type of drug and regenerate their bodies even after years of pharmaceutical drug dependency.  These people had lots of professional support through the process.  Leaving pharmaceutical drugs behind is a potentially dangerous process and should not be undertaken without experienced support.

For those who are seeking to get off of insulin, recover from various forms of cancer, or heal any extremely degenerative conditions, it is going to require the support of someone in the medical or alternative health profession, and sometimes both.

Herbal remedies are not drugs, and work very differently, and sometimes incompatibly, in the physical body.  For that reason, I suggest that people get off drugs before going into an herbal cleansing and regeneration program.

Research Before Experimenting

We advocate self-education.  Research is necessary if you are planning to use herbal remedies, and especially if you want to use herbs along with drugs in the same body.  By researching online, you will find a wealth of herbal and alternative healing information that can help you make an informed choice regarding your own healing path.

Educate yourself by studying about the herbal remedies you intend to use.  Communicate with plants, seek out herbalists, plant a garden, learn all you can, and use plant remedies with wisdom and intention.

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