Natural Cleansing for Kitchen Bath

If you are like me, in this age of chemicals for everything, you may want to avoid using any chemicals that are not necessary. In my search for natural cleansing kitchen bath, I began making my own products many years ago when I found that there were no real chemical free alternatives on the market. This one has turned out to be my very favorite recipe for germicidal and antiviral purposes. It is made with simple ingredients–water, certified laurel glucoside, and pure essential oils.

I use it for cleaning every surface in my kitchen and bathroom. Its disinfectant properties make it a great choice for countertops, stove, refrigerator (inside & out), faucets, light switches, sinks, and even sealed wood surfaces. It is great for getting grease and grime off of glass, but needs to be followed with vinegar and a paper towel to keep it from streaking.

Spray Cleanser Recipe

You will need:

Spray bottle

Measuring cup


Bowl that holds 2 quarts

Distilled or filtered water

Your choice of essential oils

Certified Organic Laurel Glucoside (Made from organic coconuts)


Measure 1 quart (4 cups) of distilled or filtered water and put it in the bowl. Add 1 tablespoon of Laurel glucoside sudsing base and stir gently.

Add 50 to 65 drops essential oils. My favorite combination is:

10 drops May Chang

25 drops Lemon Myrtle

10 drops Rose Geranium

8 drops Oregano

10 drops Sweet Orange

Stir again gently. The oils will dissolve into the spray, but they will separate a bit when it sits over time. When you want to use it, give the spray bottle a good shake to disperse the oils again.

Pour the spray into the spray bottle and voila! You now have a powerful anti-septic spray that can disinfect your kitchen and bathrooms without causing harm to your pets, children, and those who are sensitive to chemical products.

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