Our Mission Statement

Healthy, Sustainable & Co-Creative Living

White Sage Landing’s mission is to embody and demonstrate ways of healthy, sustainable, and co-creative living; thereby leaving a lighter footprint on the Earth.
We share the experiences we have gained in sustainable construction, permaculture, beautification, regeneration, and co-creative living, with others. We provide a  model of inspiration for regeneration of our local area, and communities throughout the world.


White Sage Landing Rainbow

White Sage Landing

Located in the heart of northern Arizona’s Anasazi country, White Sage Landing is the site of our home and Medicine Wheel, an energy center dedicated to personal and planetary regeneration and ascension.

Solar Powered Off-Grid Living

We are an off-grid home and business, where 100% of our power is generated by the sun, and 100% of our water for irrigation and domestic use is supplied by rain. We are constantly upgrading our farming capabilities, and are intent on becoming completely sustainable by increasing our food production to include the local market.



Our Commitment to the Next 7 Generations

Everything we need to solve all of our environmental issues on Earth, including advanced technologies and ancient indigenous wisdom, is available to us now. We are living with the consequences of the choices made by the last 7 generations. Therefore, our choices today will impact the next 7 generations. What we do today will have a profound impact on the future of humanity and all life on Earth. Becoming more conscious means waking up to how we are living in this moment.

We (co-founders Kathryn and Michael) moved to White Sage Landing in 2008 with the intention of living with a light footprint, and in conscious relationship with Earth. Through living day-by-day at White Sage Landing, we are learning about life in a high desert climate, relying on rainwater for our home and garden. It is our true heart’s’ desire to share our way of life with the world, in the hope that it will inspire others to make their own changes, and stimulate new ideas and possibilities for living in harmony with Mother Earth.


Ways We are Leaving a Lighter Footprint

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, & Rethink

    • Taking Less Frequent & Shorter Showers: We are learning how to thrive on two 5-gallon showers a week and how to manage small amounts of water to grow a garden.

    • Using Less Electricity: We are learning how to use electrical power consciously with a small solar electric system, and about the changes one goes through as we choose our power expenditure priorities every day and night.
    • Utilizing Composting Techniques: We are learning about composting toilets, and how to enrich our soil with compost instead of discarding these vital nutrients by recycling, reducing, and reusing it.

    • Global Accountability: We are learning to live at a new level of accountability, through a combination of advanced Earth-friendly technologies, and the ancient wisdom of the indigenous peoples who had no concept of waste.

      WSL Sustainable Building Award

      White Sage Landing is a Community Model Sustainable Home


      In 2014, we received a Sustainable Building Award from the Coconino County Sustainable Building Program. White Sage Landing is now designated as a Community Model Sustainable Home; which allows us to participate in local city tours, events and more.