Laurel Glucoside Certified Organic Natural Ingredient


Our favorite cleanser base is made of only one ingredient–certified organic laurel glucoside.

Laurel glucoside is a naturally derived surfactant–sudsing agent–which can be enhanced with various additions to make  hand dishwashing liquid, bubble bath, laundry soap, bathroom cleansers, or any sudsing cleansing product.  For a gentle skin friendly detergent base, try our certified organic decyl glucoside.

Ours is made from certified organic coconuts.  It is much softer and safer for the body than SLS and all of its derivatives that are normally used in commercial cleansing products.

It is easy to add just a few natural ingredients and create a clean, natural cleanser that you will know is safe for your home.

Check out our blog for recipes for laundry detergent and dishwashing liquid!

(We suggest our Decyl Glucoside for shampoo base and body wash).

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Size:  8 ounce plastic bottle

Product Details:  EcoCert certified organic product

Source:  Certified organic coconuts

Allergen information:  Contains coconut

Approved for use in Whole Foods formulas

Made in USA

Our Natural Laurel Glucoside is

  • Gluten free
  • Glycerine free
  • SLS free
  • Sulfate free
  • Fragrance free
  • Phthalate free
  • Free of any other ingredients or chemicals

How to Use Laurel Glucoside

Blend 1 part of laurel glucoside base with 2 parts of water or a water based substance, such as green tea, aloe vera juice, or a hydrosol.  Heat over very low heat–do not simmer or boil–warm just until base is liquified.  Stir gently to avoid too much foaming.  Remove from heat as soon as the laurel glucoside base is dissolved.

You can add essential oils, water or liquid, Pascalite clay, or other cleansing agents if you desire.  The more you add, the less sudsing action will take place, so you must experiment and  find the happy medium.

I like peppermint for cleansers, or sometimes a fresh  citrus aroma.

You will need to experiment to find your favorite mix.  We suggest that you make up a small amount at a time and see how you like it before making a big batch.   Adjust each batch accordingly until you find the best mix.

Laurel glucoside used to be included in our shampoo recipes, but we found a coconut derived foaming agent that is MUCH more gentle.  So we have replaced laurel glucoside with decyl glucoside for shampoo recipes.  We use laurel glucoside for all of our home cleansing needs, especially dish soap, laundry soap, and bathroom cleanser.



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