Blend for Body Pain with Essential Oils

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This high intensity blend for body pain is perfect for relieving muscular, nerve, joint, and connective tissue pain.  Apply oil directly to skin right before massage.  Or apply as a compress to painful muscles or joints, feet, or spine.

Wormwood essential oil   10 drops

Holy basil essential oil   10 drops

Oregano essential oil   5 drops

African bluegrass essential oil   20 drops

Lime essential oil   40 drops

Douglas Fir essential oil   30 drops

Clove bud essential oil 10 drops

Add the above essential oils into a 1 ounce bottle.  Add your choice of carrier oil (filtered coconut is a good choice because it is thin of consistency and highly absorbable) to fill the bottle.  Shake well.

Apply this oil to aching joints of muscles, or use as a massage oil to relieve body pain.  It can be further diluted for use over the whole body.

It can also be added to the bath, add 1 to 2 teaspoons and soak in a warm to hot bath for 15 minutes to relieve pain.

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