Cremey Lemon Juice Cocktail

cremey lemon juice cocktailTo make Cremey Lemon Juice Cocktail, follow the directions below.

Blend on high in Vita-mix or blender:
1 c. spring water or pure water
Juice of 1/2 lemon and 4 drops lemon essential oil
2 T. mung bean sprouts, fresh
3 T. agave nectar


This is great for regenerating the liver, clearing excess mucus from the body and purifying the lymphatic system.

It makes a fine energizing drink first thing in the morning to wake up the body.   And it will give you no caffeine jitters! Cremey Lemon Juice Cocktail is a potent cleanser, best to use sparingly as a little will go a long way.  If you are new to cleansing, you may wish to start with a couple of ounces every morning.

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