Prickly Pear Botanical Oil


The luxurious texture of prickly pear botanical oil is a perfect facial treatment oil.  It is good for dry skin, aging skin, and skin that is loose or has lost its tone.

Prickly pear will invigorate the skin over night, leaving it feeling nourished and tighter. It is recommended to apply a few drops of prickly pear botanical oil to the face at night before going to sleep.  It can be mixed with argan botanical oil or used by itself, or layered with rooibos creme or other cremes for a deep moisturizing treatment.

For a “face lift in a bottle” type of skin toning treatment, combine prickly pear botanical oil with essential oils of mastic or zdravetz, and a little geranium or may chang.  These combinations really tone the skin, relieve dark circles under the eyes,  and smooth wrinkles.

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Size:  30 ml violet glass bottle  OR  100 ml violet glass bottle

Source:   USA

Production Method:  Cold pressed and filtered, from the fresh seeds of wild prickly pear cactus

Botanical name:  Opuntia ssp.

Note:  The seeds of prickly pear cactus are known to contain substantial flavonoids, anti-oxidants, and vitamins E and K.

About Prickly Pear Botanical Oil

Prickly pear botanical oil has become one of our best selling botanical oils.  It has a wonderfully emollient quality, and makes a wonderful facial treatment all on its own.  It is very good for the following uses:

  • Reducing spider veins
  • Softening skin
  • Moisturizing skin
  • Reducing dark circles under eyes
  • Reversing the effects of aging on skin–wrinkles, creases, and lack of tone

Many aromatherapists are combining argan botanical oil with prickly pear botanical oil as a facial oil treatment for mature skin, to regenerate and nourish the skin daily. This combination may be more effective than either of the two oils alone.

It makes a wonderful base for cremes, herbal facial treatments, and body oils.  It is also very nice as an over night oil treatment for the face.  It blends well with other botanical oils, as a carrier or for making cosmetics and aromatherapy blends.


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