Violet Absolute


Violet absolute is a rare and beautiful aromatic with an aroma that is reminiscent of a northwoods forest floor.

When worn as a perfume, it can attract wealth and love into our lives.

It is used in chypres, floral perfumes, and modern perfumes with notes of new mown hay.

Aromatic Profile

Top note:  Powerful, green, leafy, herbaceous notes with a fine, delicate floral undertone resembling violet flowers

Heart note:  Green, leafy, herbaceous, floral

Base note:

Tenacity:  Medium high

Violet absolute blends well with champaca, cumin, elder abs, fennel,  licorice,  petitgrain, rosemary, tarragon, tuberose abs, tonka bean abs,  zdravetz.


More About Our Violet Absolute

Size:  1.5 ml amber glass vial

Source: Egypt

Distillation: Alcohol extracted–may contain traces of solvent

Botanical name: Viola odorata

Note:  Not for internal use; all absolutes may contain traces of solvent.

What are absolutes, and how do I use them?

Homeopathic Properties of Violet Absolute


External–inhalation, topical

Observations and Anecdotal Information

In ancient Greece, violets were considered a symbol of fertility and love. The aroma of violet is healing, especially in relationships and after a break-up.

Violet energetically calms and brings peace, and helps us find the inner space where we can see ourselves with clarity and non-judgement. In this space, it becomes easier to forgive ourselves and others, and move on.

Violet is also known to enhance intuition, dreams, and psychic vision. It helps with insomnia, and can enhance meditation and inter-dimensional communication.


  • Absolutes should not be used internally

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1.5 ml amber vial, 5 ml violet glass bottle

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