Home Colon Cleanse Package

home colon cleanse

Price:  $265.00

One complete Home Colon Cleanse kit includes one Colenz board, matching molded plastic 5 gallon bucket, tubing, clamp, and 2 nozzle tips.  

Color:  Blue. 

The Colenz Home Colon Cleansing unit is a convenient and inexpensive way of cleansing the colon. This procedure is very safe and will keep the colon free and clean of debris, layers of mucous build up, bacteria, and parasites that all contribute to dis-ease conditions.

The unit is constructed with high impact plastic which is easier to sterilize, is non-allergenic and will not delaminate, split or weather.

The catch basin is a rounded sloping area gradually turning downward into the toilet allowing fecal matter to flow away from you into the toilet. The unit weighs only 13 lbs. and is easy to transport and store. The edges of the board are raised and any unwanted liquid is guided into the toilet, not on the floor.

The tubing is surgical grade (not latex), and resists mildew, mold, rot, or becoming gummy. This helps to ensure that you do not recontaminate yourself with past bacteria or contaminants. The unit is wide enough to totally relax on, you do not need to hold your arms to keep them from falling. There is a built-in safety device that keeps the tip from entering the body more than 3 inches and holds the tip in place, ensuring a very comfortable experience.

Home Colon Cleanse Advantages

We have used this unit for over 15 years, and it has served as a fantastic tool for maintaining the highest level of health and vibrant well-being for us.  It is our personal belief that no family should be without this unit.  Anyone who is healing a chronic dis-ease or condition, or pursuing a path of conscious ascension will find unequaled support in this unit.


Using this unit is very safe.  Because it is gravity fed, not pressurized, it is as safe as using an enema bag.  The advantage to this system is that one can lie down in a comfortable position while using a whole 5 gallons of water to gently cleanse the whole colon, not just the rectum.

Our unit is a Class 1 non-prescription, FDA registered, client operated colon cleansing device. No Medical Director is required.

Package includes our Colenz board, matching molded plastic 5 gallon bucket, tubing, clamp, and 2 nozzles.

Price:  $265.00  


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