Vitamin E All Natural Pharmaceutical Grade


Vitamin E all natural is a natural anti-oxidant and skin care ingredient.  Ours is US Pharmaceutical Grade, perfect for adding to cremes and lotions.

The benefits of this pure vitamin are many.  It helps ward off sun damage, helps the skin heal after burns or wounds, and its anti-oxidant qualities prevent some of the effects of aging.  It is nourishing to skin and can help heal stretch marks, radiation burns, and other skin damage.

Many skin experts agree that vitamin E can help reduce wrinkles, smooth the complexion and reduce age spots.

It can easily be added to cremes, balms, salves, and lotions, and incorporated into serums.  It works especially well when combined with vitamin C and collagen.  Just a little has a powerful effect when applied daily.

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More About Our Vitamin E All Natural

Size:  30 ml violet glass bottle with dr0pper

Information:  US Pharmaceutical grade, Food Grade; can be used for food supplementation and cosmetics

Source:   Naturally derived from vegetable oils

More about this product: Most of this vitamin on the market is synthetic (labeled dl-Alpha tocopherol).  Ours is completely natural, d-Alpha tocopherol.

The difference between laboratory synthesized vitamin E and the natural form, is the isomer content.  Natural vitamin E contains only one isomer (d), and the synthetic variety contains equal amounts of 2 isomers (d and l).  The l-isomer in synthetic vitamin E is suspected to be toxic by some experts.

My own personal experience of using vitamin E took place many years ago, when I was pregnant with my daughter.  I really wanted to avoid stretch marks, and my skin was prone to stretch marks, as I got them just from going through a growing spurt during puberty.

I heard about vitamin E so I bought some at the health food store in capsules.  I stuck a pin in the capsules and squeezed it out,  made myself a salve with it, (now I add shea butter, rose hip seed, and everlasting) and began to apply it on my belly every day.  It worked so well that I not only had no stretch marks after the pregnancy, but the ones I had acquired earlier in life were gone too–as I had also applied the salve to them!  Scarring or stretch marks really can go away, when they have this kind of support.


Generally regarded as safe at normal dosages.


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