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Contributions are  greatly appreciated!  We hope you will use our website as a guide providing you with herbal and essential oil information.  Much of it is offered from the heart, free of charge, in hope that more people will try natural methods and find great results.

If you do find that you wish to express your appreciation for our offerings here, we thank you in advance, and will gladly receive your gift.  Please know that we appreciate any and all gifts of support (including non-monetary ones), and wish you all the very best that life has to offer.


Numerous wonderful people have encouraged us to put a “Contribution Button” on our website.  They wanted to have an option to donate  & show their appreciation for the time, energy, experience, and love that we share through this portal with the world, especially in the form of consultation.

We do love to  share our experiences with oils, herbs, flowers, and other amazing beings here at White Sage Landing!  If you find that you benefit from our information, recipes, consultations, free downloads, personal replies, etc., and want to find a way to return the favor, we will gladly and humbly receive any gift that you choose to give, with great gratitude.

We both feel blessed that we can be stewards of the Earth, living and working every day in co-creation with the Nature spirits, plants, and animals living all around us.  It is not always easy here in the High Desert of the Arizona Strip.  Our county covers the largest area of all counties in the United States.  It also has the highest level of poverty in the nation.  We have had many opportunities to give-away our services and products, in order to help someone in need, without expectation of repayment.  It has enabled us to develop our ability to TRUST!

We hope you will take advantage of our free booklet, Thirteen power Smoothies for Life;  and the free recipes offered in our BLOG.

We hope that you can feel the love and passion that we have for sharing these rare essential oils and other gifts from the plant world, and thank you in advance for your contribution.  And we wish for all those who visit our website, that you will find inspiration in these pages and courage to take action for healing, raising your frequency, and changing your life.

With Love & Gratitude,


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