DiamondHeart Flower Essences-Dosage Level


DiamondHeart Flower Essences were originally made in our Medicine Wheel garden in Anchorage Alaska.  They are rare quality, high frequency vibrational remedies that can assist any type of healing or recovery. Flower essences and similar vibrational remedies work on emotional, mental, and spiritual levels, to clear and balance energetic factors which play a part in our physical well-being.  If your pain or condition is not originating on the physical level,  or seems to have no physical cause, flower essences may be the best transformational tool for you.

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DiamondHeart Flower Essences  were originally crafted at DiamondHeart Co-Creative Garden in Anchorage Alaska.  They are co-created in ceremony, and the final essence is activated  for 11 hours and 11 minutes in our crystalline healing energy circuit at White Sage Landing.

Notes about DiamondHeart Flower Essences:  These remedies were originally preserved using Sky vodka or Ciroc grape vodka.  Though we use sacred salts to preserve our dosage level remedies, there may be a slight trace of alcohol present in the DiamonHeart remedies, from the Mother Essence.  We have used the highest frequency alcohol that we can locate, and it has been restructured using Tensor Rings and a scalar wave generator.  Even for those who are sensitive to alcohol, these essences can normally be used without sensitivity.

Flower essence is a vibrational remedy, which contains only the flower frequency.  It has only a minimal trace of actual plant material.  This type of remedy does not interact with pharmaceuticals, cause side effects, or have a direct physical effect on the body.

About Vibrational Remedies

Dosage level remedies are pre-blended at a dosage level dilution.  They are ready to use just as they are.  They come in a 30 ml violet glass dropper bottle for easy dosing.

They can be dropped directly under the tongue, or added to water for use.

Stock level remedies are also available for practitioners and those who like to blend and dilute their own remedies.  They must be diluted for use.  For information on making and blending your own remedies, see this link.



External—may be added to skin and body care products for energetic benefits


Filtered activated spring or rain water, sacred natural salt, (possible trace of botanical flower material, possible trace of high frequency alcohol). Contains no other ingredients.

Choose From These Essences

Angel Wings-Light Heart

For taking life too seriously; breaking through resistance to laughter and play; feeling pleasure, joy and laughter. When to take angel wings: When we have finished grieving and want to move on. When we lack playfulness. When we feel we have lost our sense of humor. When we feel our life has no joy or fun. When we are working too much and not playing enough. When we are experiencing depression. Sample affirmation: My life is full of laughter and joy! I see the humor in every situation.

Baby’s Breath-Prana

Eases fear of change or new ideas. Helps move through resistance with ease and confidence in one’s self. Enhances the practice of circular breathing or any conscious breathing practices. Provides great support for rebirthing or healing past traumas.  When to use baby’s breath:  When feeling resistance.  When feeling fear or anxiety for the future.  When feeling regret for the past.  When desiring a stronger experience being conscious in the present.  When noticing a lot of mind chatter.  When desiring focus or mental clarity.  When doing re birthing or any kind of transformational breath work.  Sample affirmation: I accept resistance and move into the present. I breathe the breath of life.

Begonia Flower Essence-Security

For healing insecurity; holding on too tightly. Begonia helps to increase body awareness and sensation, and clears the feeling of numbness or dulled senses.  When to take begonia:  When we feel nothing.  When we feel closed down emotionally.  When we have buried feelings in the past.  When there are parts of our life we can’t remember.  When we feel panic or anxiety.  When we feel like we have no control over our life.  When we think someone has to save us.  When we feel insecure, or paranoia.  When we notice that we are trying not to rock the boat in a relationship or situation.  Sample affirmation: I am safe and secure. I move with the changes and my essence remains constant. I let go with confidence.

Bleeding Heart Flower Essences Bleeding HeartBleeding Heart-Unconditional Love

For creating security and unconditional love in relationships. Aids the transformation of “broken heart” into “open heart”. Helps us stop holding on too tightly in relationships, and eases the fear of letting go.  When to take bleeding heart:  When we are not able to trust ourselves or our partner. When we have a challenge trusting men or women.  When we have lost a loved one.  When we have ended a relationship.  When we are staying in a relationship that is not healthy for us.  When letting go of an addiction.  When feeling a need to be loved by someone.  Sample affirmation: I open my heart to love. I feel the spaces. I am filled with love from within.

Borage-Courage and Communication

For helping us to accept change. This remedy helps to open the lines of communication.  It helps us let go of limitations and helps us embrace new projects.  When to take borage:  When starting something new.  When moving to a new location.  When we are choosing to communicate in a difficult situation.  When we are breaking old habits of communication and choosing new ways to communicate.  When we feel like others are not hearing or receiving our communication.  When healing PTSD, panic or anxiety attacks.  Whenever we need courage.  Sample affirmation: I listen to others. I allow time to know before I speak. I speak clearly and truthfully. I support myself. I am confident and secure.

Calendula-Power of Choice

For programming positive thoughts; clearing addictive and obsessive thought patterns; right and left brain integration; for realizing and empowering greater levels of choice in life.  When to take calendula:  When we have a lot of mind chatter.  When we feel a sense of powerlessness.  When we feel that we have no choice in a situation. When letting go of an addiction.  When we notice “either/or” in our speech pattern, change to “both/and” for right and left brain integration.  When we know we have choices but are unable to see or imagine them.  When we feel limited in some way.  Sample affirmation: I choose and then respond. (Left brain chooses and right brain responds). I choose my thoughts and honor my feelings. I acknowledge the many possible choices life continually offers me.

Calla Lily-Spirit Mergence

For integration of the spirit into the soul-based personality.  For deepening our connection to the ascended masters and receiving assistance and guidance from the spirit world. This remedy provides vibrational support for working consciously with group and cosmic intention, and planetary ascension.  Calla lily provides energetic support for walking meditation (fourth stage of meditation) in which every thought becomes a conscious choice, and the inner divine connection becomes merged with the outer world expression.

Carnation-Present Time

For grounding energy and focusing in the present moment to moment reality. Helps us focus scattered or fragmented attention and energy.  When to use carnation:  When we do not feel present.  When our attention span becomes short or we are unable to focus.  When we are forgetful.  When we are living in the past or in the future.  When we are spending too much time in mental pursuits.  When we feel ungrounded.  When our energy level dips and soars.  When we experience suicidal thoughts or intense grief.  When our mind is always on something else.  Sample affirmations: I am here now. I am fully present. I am alive. I take time to feel. I take time to enjoy.

Chamomile-Gentle Spirit

For emotional balance and relaxation; inner peace; letting go of the desire to control other people, situations, outcomes, etc.  When to use chamomile:  When we feel out of control.  When we or someone around us has experienced violence or trauma. When changing old patterns or mental or physical violence to self or others.  When we feel we can’t find inner peace.  When we find ourselves trying to control a person or situation.  When we are in a power struggle with someone.  When people around us are trying to control us.  When disengaging from a situation or relationship, use with metaphysical practices.  Sample affirmation: I am centered within myself. I am peace. I am gently with myself. I disengage and enter a neutral space.

Chocolate Lily Flower Essence

Chocolate Lily-Identification

Helps us to identify the fear or judgment that has caused us to close off an energetic connection.  Helps maintain energetic connections, both within the self and outside of the self.  Helps us to maintain a heart connection when it is necessary to close off a physical connection.  Supports us in holding an intention of neutrality toward those who have “caused” us injury or distress. Supports the identification of mind patterns and energies within us that do not serve.  When to use chocolate lily:  When we are leaving or changing an old relationship that no longer serves.  When family pressures feel like they are in the way of our progress.  When we feel judgment from others.  When we are seeking to identify the beliefs and limitations that are no longer of service to us.  When we have difficulty identifying what we are feeling or thinking.  When letting go of resentment toward others or judgment of others.  When doing inner child work.

Sample affirmation: I bless _______________ on his/her sacred path. I choose to move on.  I create personal boundaries and honor them. I invite only positive energy into my space.

Cinquefoil-Experience Truth

For balancing over-focus on roles, images, or belief system. Promotes an inner experience of truth and a corresponding shift of personal values.  When to use cinquefoil:  When we are too focused on what we do rather than who we are.  When we feel disconnected from our essence self.  When it feels like life does not reflect the true “me.”  When we have a hard time knowing if other people are telling the truth.  If our role in the family or at work is changing.  If a close family member or partner is changing roles.  When we wish to let go of old belief systems that may be causing limitation.  Sample affirmation: I recognize the truth. I live my truth. I honor my values.

Columbine-Self Appreciation

Transforming self judgment and self criticism. For dropping our mask; loving and accepting all parts of ourselves.  When to use columbine:  When we feel we can not forgive ourselves.  When doing transformative work.  When our self-talk is negative.  When we do not feel appreciated by others.  When we are blaming ourselves for something, or others are blaming us.  When we wish to feel more appreciated.  When feeling guilty.  When we have difficulty receiving compliments.  Sample affirmation: I love and value myself. I acknowledge my gifts. I honor my unique beauty. I appreciate me.

Comfrey-Comfort Through Change

Provides comfort and support through the process of change. Prepares individual for emotional/spiritual release. Enhances and supports formation of a new nervous system connection from pelvic floor through solar plexus and diaphragm. Assists in clearing chaotic or disharmonious energies from our energy field; supports rapid identification and disintegration of those energies/entities; supports in filling energy field with pure consciousness once it has been cleared.  When to use comfrey: When experiencing any life changes: change in residence, job, relationship, etc.  When going through rolfing or energy work that results in structural change.  When beginning Tai chi, Qi gong, Yoga, or meditation practices that bring about change.  When we feel influenced by thoughts or feelings that are not our own.  When we feel energies or entities in or around our energy field that do not belong.  When beginning to activate new phases of our light body.  When making new emotional or mental choices.  Sample affirmations: I move through the changes with ease. I let go of the old and open to receive the new.

Cow Parsnip-Perfect Blueprint

Helps us understand the emotional and mental causes behind the symptoms and dis-ease; See the divine purpose they serve in our lives; transform emotional/mental patterns into a perfect blueprint for vibrant health; supports DNA healing.  When to use cow parsnip:  When recovering from severe or long term illness.  When activating DNA healing for self or others.  When repairing fifth level or blueprint level of human energy field.  When integrating self with divine will.  Sample affirmation: I live in divine perfection. I now create harmony and beauty. I let go of patterns that no longer serve, and allow perfection to come forth.

Daisy-Inner Genius

Enhances creative thinking, generating new ideas. Helps us to identify and separate our thoughts from those of others around us. Then we can tap into the well-spring of creativity within the self.  When to use daisy:  When we are not sure what we think or how we feel.  When we live or work with another dominant personality.  When we feel like our creativity is stuck (writer’s block, artist’s block, etc.)  When we feel as in there are no solutions to our problems.  When healing a parental relationship where our feelings or thoughts were denied.  Sample affirmation: I disengage from the thoughts of others. I honor my thoughts and feelings. I open to the unlimited possibilities of the genius within.


For release of stress on emotional, mental, and physical levels; enhances receptivity to spiritual energies. Catalyzes the release of past-life influences.  When to use dandelion:  When experiencing any kind of holding pattern.  When we feel stress or tension.  Before, during, or after massage or other releasing treatments.  When the body is holding on to excess weight, tension or pain.  When physical symptoms include constipation or difficulty breathing.  When healing past-life issues.  After trauma or injury.  When we feel life is moving too fast.  Sample affirmation: I let go of the past and live now. I open to the magic of today. I take time for myself.

Delphinium Flower Essence

Delphinium-Positive Self-Image

Enhances leadership abilities; helps us see our qualities and gifts without judgment. Strengthens and balances the ego; helps to transform power struggles into empowerment.  When to use delphinium:  When in a position where we feel unqualified, inferior, or unprepared.  When moving to greater levels of empowerment and responsibility.  When feeling afraid that we may misuse power.  When we resist taking on power or responsibility even though we know it would serve to do so.  When in a power struggle with another.  When we do not like the way we look, or feel unhappy with who we are.  When life just happens to us, we feel we have no power in life.  When we are choosing to take more control of our life or some situation.  Sample affirmation: I move forward into empowerment. I am strong, capable, and prepared. I clearly see my strengths and weaknesses. It is safe to make mistakes.


Transforms apathy, fatigue, withdrawal, and survival consciousness; releases repressed anger or fear. Enhances the feeling of excitement for life.  When to use dianthus:  When we have lost interest or excitement in life.  When we experience fatigue.  When we withdraw from others in the world.  When we just don’t care anymore.  When we know we have anger about something, but we can’t feel or identify it.  When we think we have no fear, or never feel fear.  When there is any feeling that we never feel.  When doing body work or energy work on the root chakra or pelvic floor area.  When we feel like the best we can do is to survive.  Sample affirmation: I feel the excitement of life. I allow the magic and beauty into my life. I care about life.


Enhances movement of perception from the mental state of polarity to the heart state of knowing (unity). Helps us to remember our connection to all of life everywhere and live from the heart, in love and gratitude.  When to use foxglove:  When feeling like our needs or desires in life are not met.  When feeling like a victim of circumstance.  When life has become only a series of daily routines.  When we want to feel gratitude.  When we desire completion with some person or part of our life.  When embodying unity consciousness.  When our language reflects polarity (“either/or” thinking)  Sample affirmation: I am one with the light of God. I am one with the earth. I am one with all creation. There is room for all in my heart.

Frog Flower-Light Body

Provides vibrational support for integrating our awareness of the pranic flow and light body into our everyday consciousness through breathing. Enhances the receiving of life force directly through the energy field. Take with White Sage Ascension Trinity gem elixir for increased balance and potency.

This essence is also helpful at the early stages of ascension, when first activating the chakras and prana tube. Take it just before chakra meditation for the greatest support and acceleration.

Fuchsia-Freedom of Forgiveness

Release of emotional blocks or tensions in the body; transforms resentment, grudges, and guilt into the freedom of true forgiveness.  When to use fuchsia:  When we feel guilty or are trying to make others feel guilty.  When holding resentment towards others or towards a situation.  When we have muscle pain or soreness.  When we are losing range of movement in joints.  When we have not forgiven someone.  When we don’t know what forgiveness feels like.  When we don’t want to forgive someone.  Sample affirmation: I forgive in order to be free. I choose freedom.

Lilac Flower EssenceLilac-Surrender

Transforms resentment and blame into forgiveness; bring perspective of appreciation to past events and relationships; see the gift in every situation. Helps us to surrender judgments or beliefs that keep us locked in anger and resentment.  When to take lilac:  When we are blaming others for our feelings or life situation.  When healing a past trauma or injury to ourselves.  If we have not forgiven God.  If we feel defensive toward another.  When we feel resistance to someone or something.  When we can not see the good that comes out of a situation or event.  When we have lost a loved one and feel like their passing had a bad effect on our life.  When these is something in our life situation that we feel we can not accept.  When we do not know what gratitude feels like.  Sample affirmation: I see the good in every situation. I express my gratitude.

Livingstone Daisy-Accept Humanity

Catalyzes our acceptance and enjoyment of cultural diversity. Helps to maintain a strong sense of self when submersed in a foreign culture or discipline; enhances acceptance of our humanity, personal and otherwise. Helps us to stay connected to the heart of all humanity.  When to use Livingstone daisy:  When spending time in a foreign country or culture.  When studying a foreign language.  When we are aware of judgment about any form of humanness.  When we have witnessed cruelty or violent acts, especially those with cultural roots.  Sample affirmation: I appreciate the beauty of all forms of human expression. I enjoy the differences that make us unique. I remember my connection to every human heart.

Lobelia-Higher Mind

Balances high and low energy levels. Helps in developing the higher self connection, relieves over-focus on mental reality. Balances the energy patterns surrounding hyperactivity; aids channeling and meditation practices.  When to use lobelia:  For easing symptoms of hyperactivity in adults and children.  When we feel unable to be alone with ourselves.  When we feel we must be busy or constantly doing something.  When we spend too much time in our minds.  When we are opening to channel in any form.  When we wish to quiet mind chatter or meditate.  When integrating wisdom from higher levels into our being.  When changing mental programming.  When developing a conscious connection with our higher self.  Sample affirmation: I express the wisdom of higher mind. I fill my mind with divine light.

Lupine-Express Truth

Brings freedom and wisdom into the expression of individuality; strengthens the connection between heart and throat chakras.  When to use lupine:  When choosing to incorporate new patterns of communication, opening the throat chakra.  When feeling like others do not receive your communication.  When we feel a conflict between speaking our truth and speaking with kindness.  When we feel like we are dumping our emotions on others.  When we feel like others are taking advantage of us.  When learning to sing.  When sharing a deep level of truth for the first time in a relationship. When we feel people are lying to us or covering up the truth.  When we lie or hide the truth and want to change that pattern.  Sample affirmation: I know my truth. I speak my truth with clarity and kindness.

Marigold Flower Essence

Marigold-Building Trust in Male/Female Relationships

Eases fear of surrender. Enhances the creation of new patterns of sexual identity. Aids in healing past violations and traumas. Helps build trust between male and female, both within and outside ourselves.  When to use marigold:  When we have experienced a trauma or abuse from the opposite sex.  When we feel guilt or shame around sexuality.  When we don’t trust men, or don’t trust women.  When we feel anxiety about sexuality.  When we avoid intimacy.  When we are beginning a new intimate relationship. When we are choosing to relate differently than we have in the past.  When taking on a new role or image.  Sample affirmation: I trust myself. I surrender to love. It is safe to be myself. It is safe to share my essence.

May Tree-Acceptance

Eases our acceptance of the truth in all situations. Enhances acceptance of the self, acceptance of others as they are. Helps us take ownership of our feelings and embody the energy of acceptance.  When to use May tree:  When we find ourselves trying to bargain with God.  When we are denying the truth about something or someone.  When we know the truth but have a challenge acting on it.  When we have not accepted something about ourselves.  When we have trouble accepting anything.  When we feel unwilling.  When something or someone seems unacceptable to us.  Sample affirmation: I am willing. I love and accept myself as I am. I accept others for who they are.

Meadow Rue-On Purpose

Supports adaptation to situations while maintaining a sense of self. Assists in maintaining a connection to our core essence while functioning in difficult, stressful, chaotic, or tumultuous environments. Connects all aspects of the hara line (prana tube). Supports us in staying on our purpose and quickly identifying diversions. Helps us feel a sense of life purpose.  When to use meadow rue:  When we feel like our life has no purpose.  When we are living or working in a chaotic environment.  When we don’t know what we desire.  When we can not discern between true desire and distraction.  When we feel disconnected from ourselves.  When healing ourselves or doing hara healing for others.  When acting on our purpose seems challenging.  Sample affirmation: I am on purpose. I feel the beauty of life unfolding.

Monarda-Embody Life Force

Helps to make a conscious connection to the energetic core of our being. Provides support for using core energy for movement or healing, learning yoga, Pilates, Tai chi, etc.  When to take monarda:  When beginning a new physical discipline.  When doing Pilates, yoga, Tai chi, Qi gong, etc., or learning to move or heal from the core.  When learing deep breathing or spherical breathing techniques.  When doing massage, energy work, rolfing, etc. for ourselves, or with others.  When doing metaphysical work.  Sample affirmation: I live from the center of my being. I am.

Nasturtium Flower Essence

Nasturtium-Inner Vision

Increases inner vision, deepens perception; helps us to see the truth behind appearances. Provides us with support to move through denial, to face what is inside.  When to use nasturtium:  When we feel like we can’t see beneath the surface of some person or situation.  When we are facing or feeling fear.  When we can’t imaging a positive outcome or result.  When we feel trapped.  When opening to receive information from other dimensions or the higher self.  When experiencing inner change.  Sample affirmation: I go within to find the truth. I see the big picture. I know. I see clearly on all levels. I open to my inner vision. I face the shadows with acceptance and feel the transformation.

Orchid-Cosmic Fire

Support for the realization or completion stage of ascension; fully integrating and realizing a change in consciousness. This essence provides support for mergence of the lower bodies with the cosmic fire of creation. When one is fully ready for this initiation, it results in pure consciousness in the now. Our intention aligned with the cosmic fire burns away and transmutes the lower energies, and ego/personality weaknesses that keep us from God-realization.

This is for advanced ascension work and should only be taken with clear guidance from the higher self or the inner planes.  Combines well with White Sage Vibrational Remedies -Ascension Trinity Gem Elixir, 5D Water Environmental Essence, and DiamondHeart’s Giza Pyramid Environmental Essence.

Pansy-Multi-dimensional Thinking

Supports the transition from polarized thought into expanded multi-dimensional thought.   Clarifies real personal values, sheds light on arbitrary or moralistic programming.  When to use pansy:  When going through a life change.  When practicing spiritual development techniques of all kinds.  When we find ourselves judging things or people as good or bad.  When we view things as black and white.  When we wish to expand our thinking into new dimensions.  When channeling or communicating with other dimensional beings.  Sample affirmation: I see and value the many shades of color. I reach beyond my old limitations. I open my mind to that which serves.

Pink Rose-Satisfaction

Support for changing the habit of swallowing emotion. Increases our willingness to receive support, nurturance, and nourishment; helps eating disorders and over focus on body weight and similar issues. Helps to stimulate clear emotional expression.  When to take pink rose:  When feeling stressed.  When feeling any form of lack or “not enough”.  When our body looks or feels less than perfect to us.  When we find ourselves eating to deal with stress or to suppress feelings.  When we are swallowing our thoughts or feelings instead of communicating them to others.  When pregnant or caring for a newborn.  When caring for ill or elderly people.  When working in stressful environments.  When living or working with people who feel needy.  Sample affirmation: I receive nurturance from the abundant universe. Life brings me everything i need. I am enough.

Poppy Flower Essence

Poppy-Choosing Our Destiny

For connecting with our life purpose on personal and planetary levels. Activates the hara (our intention for this lifetime). Enhances self-direction and self-motivation. Pay attention to the people that come into your life when you begin to take this essence!  When to use poppy:  When we are ready to move forward on a new path.  When making changes in career or a relationship.  When we are challenged by making decisions.  When connecting with our higher self.  When attracting other people who share our destiny path.  When entering new stages of activation or initiation.  Sample affirmations: I move into my chosen destiny now. I join my spiritual family. I participate in co-creation. My life unfolds in perfect timing.

Red Beach Flower-Trust in the Divine

Support for the activation stage of initiation, activates the desire for new levels of consciousness.  Provides support for establishing trust in the divine plan and bringing that level of trust into our daily lives.  Helps in developing trust to take action in the present without attachment to or understanding of the outcome. Helps us to imagine positive outcomes and new potentials despite physical evidence to the contrary. This is very helpful when we are undergoing the breakdown stage of transformation, where the old systems and cells are breaking down to make way for the new, higher level of organization. It is sometimes challenging to remain positive through this period, and Red Beach Flower will provide positive energetic support.

Combines well with Thistle Flower Essence for this purpose.

Rhubarb-Physical Integration

Supports integration of intention for change into physical body and DNA. Opens new neural pathways; forms an energetic bridge from mind into physical experience. Releases density (old vibrations) from cells. Opens pelvic floor and establishes connection from pelvic floor to heart.  When to use rhubarb:  When integrating any kind of change into physical form.  When doing DNA healing or activation.  When doing visualizations or metaphysical work.  When doing bodywork.  When we feel like we are in survival.  When clearing heart or root chakras.  When experiencing financial difficulties, or creating the experience of financial abundance.  During the ascension process, any stage, to enhance the integration of higher frequencies into the physical body.  When doing conscious breathing or other breathing techniques.  Sample affirmation: I experience the change in my physical body. I open to experience more of who I am. I allow myself to feel the sensation in my body.

Sitka Rose-Support on All Levels

To ease the experience of emotion through changes, transitions, birth, death, and rebirth. Helps to establish a gentle inner peace and stability; heals emotional trauma.  When to use Sitka rose:  When going through a birthing process, rebirthing, or bringing a child into the world. When going through a death process or any radical change or transition.  When needing additional support or when feeling unsupported.  When receiving support form angelic realms, or psychic healing.  When healing emotional traumas or deep physical issues.  When supporting others through changes, transitions, or healing.  When establishing inner peace during chaotic situations.  Sample affirmation: I open to receive support from the universe. I am loved and supported always. I acknowledge my universal support team.

Strawberry-Divine Remembrance

Supports the awakening of cosmic memory. Helps us remember who we are and why we are here. Enhances the experience of the light body-great to use when doing chakra balancing or cleansing, MerKaBa activation, or any energy work. Anchors visualizations into physical experience.  When to use strawberry:  When awakening to our true life path.  When uncertain of our life purpose.  When doing visualizations or metaphysical work.  When activating the MerKaBa. When feeling like our life is not going in the direction we want it to. When feeling like we have no purpose in life or we don’t know our purpose.  When feeling blocked in our spiritual progress.  Sample affirmation: I remember who I am and why I am here.

Sunflower Flower Essence

Sunflower-Balance Male Energy

Brings awareness to father issues. Eases resistance to authority; enhances our connection to God, to the higher self, to a higher power.  When to use sunflower:  When healing father issues.  When healing issues with men or traumas caused by men.  When feeling resistance to power and authority.  When feeling unable to take power in a situation.  When choosing to integrate greater levels of empowerment in your life.  When we have anger at God or resistance to God.  When we have no direct experience of God.  When we feel that divine will is separate from our will.  When recovering from addiction.  Sample affirmation: My will is one with divine will. I cherish my male self. I use my power to choose in a loving and balanced way.

Sweet Pea-Open to Receive

Transforms hurt feelings. Brings awareness to mother issues and issues with women.   Enhances development of self love and self nurturing. Brings awareness to personal needs and desires; enhances receptivity.  When to use sweet pea:  When recovering from cancer.  When healing mother issues.  When we equate sensitivity with weakness.  When feeling like a victim or powerless in any situation.  When we feel we have no desires or can not identify our desires.  When we are in a role of care-taker.  When we are caring for children, elderly, or other individuals.  When we work in health or service professions.  When we have difficulty receiving love or compliments from others.  When we feel guilty.  When we would prefer to avoid our emotional life.  Sample affirmation: I know my own needs and I take care of them. I value my female self. I listen to my feelings. My emotions belong to me. I choose my response.

Tritoma-Soul Mergence

For aligning the lower bodies (physical, etheric, emotional, mental) of the personality with the soul, and preparing for mergence. Tritoma increases personality integration and transparency, for creating a soul-infused personality. It strengthens hara alignment, awakens new skills and desires and a soul-based life purpose.

Take this essence along with Poppy and Meadow Rue for a synergistic blend.

Trollius-Global Consciousness

Aids us in unplugging from social consciousness and activating true global consciousness; helps to navigate synchronicity.  When to use trollius:  When we are developing a new relationship with the Earth.  When gardening, farming, or working with animals or plants. When letting go of clocks and watches.  When we feel a lot of pressure about what is socially acceptable.  When connecting with Earth and nature spirits.  When building a global light body.  Sample affirmation: I live in attunement to the whole. I live in balance.

Valerian-Sacred Union

Enhances spiritual union in partnership-two become one. Our union in life becomes preparation for union with the divine whole. Enhances tantric practices, MerKaBa unions, and any meditations or practices with partners or with Mother Earth.  When to use valerian:  When sharing or creating  intimacy in any form.  When strengthening or increasing a commitment of partnership with another. When performing tantric practices for spiritual development.  When strengthening and enhancing a sacred union of any kind.  When entering into a love relationship.  When healing issues connected with sexuality.  Sample affirmation: In the heart, we are one.

White Peony Flower Essence

White Peony-Empowering Dreams

Dispels terror and nightmares. Empowers our consciousness in the dreamtime, enabling choice and enhancing lucid dreaming. Strengthens our experience of the sacred heart space, helping to transmut fear into courage. Prepares us for contact with other dimensional beings. Helps those entering and connecting to aluna.  When to use white peony:  When experiencing nightmare, bad dreams, or troubled sleep.  When doing any kind of work with dreams or in the dreamtime.  When experiencing unknown fears.  When having unexplainable experiences.  When healing form traumatic, alien or spiritual contacts.  When choosing to live more form the heart.  When becoming conscious in the dreamtime (aluna).  When experiencing astral travel.  When we are attempting to manifest a miracle or pushing our limits of belief.  When the normal reality and the dream reality begin to merge.  Sample affirmation: I awaken within the dream.

Wild Geranium-Go With The Flow

For ending stagnation; breaking old limitations, beliefs, and programming. Helps us get out of the rut and move forward.  When to use geranium:  When we feel stuck.  When we feel stagnant.  When we desire change or movement.  When reprogramming the mind.  When experiencing writer’s block or any creative block.  When first beginning massage therapy or bodywork of any kind.  When stuck in a holding pattern or situation that has no immediate ending in sight.  Sample affirmation: I flow with the universe. Everything in my life is in perfect order. Everything good comes to me easily and without effort.

Yarrow-Angelic Protection

Strengthens protection from external influences and negativity on psychic and emotional levels.  Introduces a high frequency into our energy field that bridges our lower mental and emotional frequency patterns with the higher patterns of our soul and spirit, allowing us to experience direct spiritual connection and protection.  When to use yarrow:  When feeling any form of psychic attack or bombardment.  When living or working with others who wish to control.  When spending time with another dominant personality.  When going through personal changes that make us feel more vulnerable to the energies of others.  When new angels or spirit guides begin to work with us.  When we feel a heightened level of sensitivity.  When living or working in areas or buildings with high levels of geopathic radiation or stress.  When exposed to radiation, negative environmental influences, chemicals, etc.  When doing crystal gridwork.  When first connecting with Earth spirits, angels or guides, or first beginning to channel.  Whenever we feel vulnerable to external energies.  Sample affirmation: I am completely loved and protected. I am centered in myself. The truth is my protection. I honor my own boundaries.

Aurora Borealis Vibrational Remedy

Aurora Borealis-Planetary Ascension

Made under the Alaskan night sky while the Earth’s magnetic rainbow-body danced above. This is an essence to take under guidance from the angels, guides, or higher self. It supports development and deepening of the relationship between Mother Earth and human consciousness. It helps awaken people to guidance for planetary service.

Giza Pyramid-Initiation and Activation

Created from the frequency within the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt. Take it when beginning or completing a life change process or moving to a new level of service or spiritual expression. This remedy provides a frequency that activates the initiation process, and releases stagnation and blocks to moving forward.


  • Generally recognized as safe at normal dosage.
  • Flower essences are vibrational remedies.  They are homeopathic.  They contain only the energetic signature of the plant, mineral, or star from which they are made, and pure, structured, filtered rain water.

None of our products are recognized or approved by the FDA.  They are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.  This information is anecdotal, and is provided for educational purposes only.  It is not meant to be taken as medical advice.  See a health care professional for medical advice.

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Weight 0.025 kg
Dosage Level Remedy, 30 ml

Ange Wings-Light Heart, Baby's Breath-Prana, Begonia-Security, Bleeding Heart-Unconditional Love, Borage-Courage & Communication, Calendula-Power of Choice, Calla Lily-Spirit Mergence, Carnation-Present Time, Chamomile-Gentle Spirit, Chocolate Lily-Identification, Cinquefoil-Experience Truth, Columbine-Self-Appreciation, Comfrey-Comfort Through Change, Cow Parsnip-Perfect Blueprint, Daisy-Inner Genius, Dandelion-Release, Delphinium-Postive Self Image, Dianthus-Fear into Excitement, Foxglove-Unity, Frog Flower-Light Body, Fuschia-Freedom of Forgiveness, Lilac-Surrender, Livingstone Daisy-Accept Humanity, Lobelia-Higher Mind, Lupine-Express Truth, Marigold-Trust in Relationships, May Tree-Acceptance, Meadow Rue-On Purpose, Monarda-Embody Life Force, Nasturtium-Inner Vision, Orchid-Cosmic Fire, Pansy-Multi-dimensional Thinking, Pink Rose-Satisfaction, Poppy-Choosing My Destiny, Red Beach Flower-Trust in Divine, Rhubarb-Physical Integration, Sitka Rose-Support on All Levels, Strawberry-Divine Remembrance, Sunflower-Balance Male Energy, Sweet Pea-Open to Receive, Tritoma-Soul Mergence, Trollius-Global Consciousness, Valerian-Sacred Union, White Peony-Empowering Dreams, Wild Geranium-Go with the Flow, Yarrow-Angelic Protection, Aurora Borealis-Planetary Ascension, Giza Pyramid-Initiation & Activation

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