Oakmoss Absolute


Oakmoss absolute  is an ancient perfume fixative, used to add a base note and to “fix” natural perfume blends.  Even now, there is hardly a high end perfume produced that does not contain at least a trace of oakmoss absolute.  It is one of the  most often used natural substances in perfume making.

It’s aroma provides wonderful energetic support for dispelling fear.  It is comforting and steadying on all levels.

The deep, dark, moist properties of a medieval forest are intrinsic in its nature.  It has been associated with the sea, Earth, and moon.  It is used in incenses and rituals intended to bring money, luck, protection, and prosperity.

Aromatic Profile

Top note: 

Heart note:  Powdery, earthy, mossy, rooty, dried bark aroma

Base note:   Pungent, mossy, oceanic notes

Classification:  Base note/fixative

Tenacity:  Excellent

In natural perfumery, oak moss absolute is used in forest notes, amber bases, leather notes, chypre, fougere, new mown hay, oriental bases, colognes, high class florals, and historical perfumes.

It blends well with florals, exotic woods, and many attars and absolutes.

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More About Our Oakmoss Absolute

Size:  1.5 ml amber glass vial  OR  5 ml violet glass bottle

Botanical Name:  Evernia prunastri

Source:  France

Distillation:  Absolute, extracted  from the wild moss.  Made through a proprietary extraction process using alcohol.

Note:  Not for internal use.

What are absolutes, and how do I use them?

Homeopathic Properties of Oakmoss Absolute


External–inhalation, topical

Observations and Anecdotal Information

Oakmoss absolute is extracted from moss gathered from a certain type of oak tree.  It also grows on sycamore, maple, willow, and alder trees, as well as old wooden fences, walls, rocks, and soil.   It does not lend itself to cultivation, so must be collected from wild trees.

It is normally gathered in the winter.  Oakmoss is an ancient medicinal herb used for intestinal issues, and and as a natural antibiotic.  It was used extensively for metaphysical purposes.

It is known to help people feel grounded, and to connect us with the Earth Element.    In ancient times, it was imported to Egypt from Cyprus and Greece, for use as an embalming agent.


  • Absolutes should not be used internally

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1.5 ml amber vial, 5 ml violet glass bottle

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