I have been expelling hundreds, I guess, of nasty parasites in my stool for several days!  In addition to the remedies you prescribed, I have taken intestinal cleansing powder and other things, such as Triphala, Paud’Arco, Cat’s Claw, probiotics, other parasite cleansing formulas, diatomaceous earth, beet root powder and a few other things.
I did have some liver flukes come out a couple of days before after fasting, followed with grapefruit only.  Everything I have seen appears to be dead.  I still have some crawling sensations in my muscles or skin, but the stinging, biting feelings and things coming out of my skin and nose has lessened quite a bit. The parasites are still coming out.
My first thought was one of gratitude–to you, to Mother, to everything and every being that has finally brought some resolution to this thing that had taken over so much of my and my husband’s lives.  Thank you for making me appreciate gratitude!
I just ordered more ParaThunder

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