Pure Raw Beeswax Natural Emulsifier


Pure Raw Beeswax

Purity is a rare condition in the beeswax market.  It is a common practice to add paraffin (a petroleum product) to the wax, to extend it and make a higher profit.  Ours does not contain paraffin or any other wax or additive.

We are committed to bringing you the highest quality beeswax for your healing cremes, salves, lotions, and cosmetics.

Our pure raw beeswax is unfiltered, and may contain a small amount of botanical debris and dead bees.  We do not filter or refine it.  This is our guarantee of the purity of our product.

It has a very slight aroma of honey, characteristic of true raw beeswax, which adds an attractive note to anything you make with it.

Suggested Use

We suggest that you melt the beeswax on the lowest setting, watching it closely, do not allow it to simmer or overheat.

Remove from heat immediately once it has melted.  At this point, you can pour it through a sieve, or simply remove any debris with a spoon.  Then it is ready to pour and add to your recipes.


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Size:   8 oz by weight

Form:  Chunks or coarse  shavings

Ways to Use Pure Raw Beeswax

Add beeswax to cremes and lotions.  It is a natural emulsifier, and can join oil and water to keep your cremes from separating.

Use it to make solid perfumes.

Use as a base for lip gloss, salves, and other cosmetics.

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