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Tensor ring products planetary healing and regeneration, are made from various combinations of tensor rings, programmed and activated quartz crystals, essential oils, herbal tonics, and other crystal forms.

What is a tensor ring?  It is a carefully twisted copper wire ring, cut to a specific measurement to create a specific frequency tensor field.  Not every measurement will yield a tensor field. The tensor ring has a stabilizing, balancing, harmonizing effect on the human energy field.  It relieves or reduces pain,  and creates coherent energy fields out of chaotic and incoherent fields by interacting with these fields.

Tensor rings, when combined with quartz crystals, also neutralize geo-pathic stress, EMF’s, HARP energies, and other non-beneficial energies vibrating within the Hartmann grid lines of the Earth. These non-beneficial fields are endocrine disruptors, which can have a harmful effect on plant life, animal life, and human life.   Many times when people are doing everything they can to heal a degenerative condition, and still not seeing success, they are actually being bombarded by non-beneficial energies in their homes, offices, or the Earth itself.  Tensor ring products can neutralize these energies and create an environment in which people can heal.

The field within a tensor ring is an infinite source of energy that is neither electric nor magnetic.  The output is beneficial and healing to all life forms. Each tensor ring is a mini-superconductor that neutralizes EMF’s, brings coherency into chaotic energies, and stabilizes and balances the bio-magnetic energy fields of the body.  Tensor rings produce a measurable gravitational effect, which you can read about here in this article about the science behind the rings, by Brian Besco.

The tensor field is greatly expanded by using programmed crystals and placing them together with a ring on an intersection of the Hartmann lines of the Earth.  If you can not find the Hartmann lines, and do not know a dowser who can locate them for you, they can also be placed according to your intuition. Tensor rings are wonderful for relieving pain and protecting the human energy field from EMF’s, microwaves, and other harmful energies and frequencies.  See more about our Tensor Rings for Pain Relief here.


More About Tensor Ring Products Planetary Healing & Regeneration

The Golden Fire Earth Resonator  is made with one 5-1/2″ Golden Fire Ring, and includes four quartz gridding crystals that are programmed with 528 Hz, 637 Hz, and 1565 Hz, all frequencies that have been shown to benefit the healing of DNA, RNA, and produce a sense of general well-being in humans, plants, and animals. It can be placed on or buried in the Earth, just under the surface, to benefit an area of at least 1/4 mile radius.   Or it can be placed inside your home or office, to neutralize harmful EMFs and ELFs, and to harmonize all  kinds of incoherent and chaotic energy fields.   More sizes are available by request.

The Terra-Harmonizer  is made with an 11″  Golden Fire Ring, combined with five quartz crystals and five vials of herbal tonics and essential oils.  Terra-Harmonizers heal geo-pathic stress areas, EMF’s, and other chaotic and incoherent frequencies that can influence human consciousness.  It is wonderful for shifting the underlying energy near transformers and power stations, industrial plants, hospitals, and schools.  It helps heal troubled areas where discord, disease, poverty, or harmful intentions have played out, such as war torn areas, parks, historic sites, and vortex areas, and any areas that have “bad vibes”.  Smaller and larger sizes are available, by contacting us through e-mail or our contact form.  We planted one of these on a nearby mountain in our area, that had been over-forested for many years, just a few weeks ago.  I hope to blog about the results, this time next year.

The Unity Consciousness Activator is made with an 8″ Golden Fire Ring combined with six quartz crystals, and one green fluorite crystal.  Crystals are programmed with intentions and frequencies that will accelerate evolutionary consciousness shifts in an area, and connect and open all life forms to be able to access Unity Consciousness.  Earth grids are cleared of distortion, harmonized and balanced; and incoherent chaotic frequencies are dissolved or transformed.  This particular activator can reach over a 30 mile radius.  Use three of these overlapping in an area, to extend the field even further to assist in the planetary ascension.

The Storm Transformer, Shangri-la Activator, and Custom Earth/Sky Resonator are also available for special intentions and purposes.  Many more sizes and types of tensor rings and tensor ring products are available by contacting us.  Download our complete tensor ring product list here.

All sizes listed here and in our products list, are approximate.  For information on the exact cubit measurements, see sacredmeasures.com.

About West Tensor Rings:  If you search the internet, you will find that our tensor rings and products are modestly priced compared with other sources.  Our rings are hand made by a retired craftsman.  The welds are highly visible, and the rings may have small imperfections as with any hand made items.  None of these imperfections will interfere with the rings’ frequency or function.  Each ring is unique, and we love them for that! (If you are unhappy with any ring purchased, you can return it for a refund of the purchase price).

How to Place Tensor Ring Products for Planetary Healing & Regeneration:  Choose a protected place out of the way of flowing water, heavy machinery, and the likelihood of  being dug up or bulldozed.

Dig a flat hole, just large enough to hold the ring with a couple of extra inches all the way around.

If you want to add any specific programs for healing into your crystals, hold the crystals in your hands while you repeat the intentions or programs aloud.   If you are a dowser, you can use your pendulum to confirm that the program is received.  Otherwise, you can just trust that your intentions have been assimilated into the crystals.

Place the crystals with tips pointing outward, spaced evenly around the edge of the ring. They should overhang the outer edge of the ring a little, so that part of the crystal is inside and part is outside of the ring.

If your product has a center crystal, place the center crystal upright in the center of the ring.

Cover the ring and crystals with soil and press it in tightly.  If it feels right, you can thank the spirits of the land,  God, Mother Earth, or whomever you wish to thank for supporting this healing and receiving this offering.

More About Tensor Ring Products

The Golden Fire Rings are based on etheric templates from Brian Besco.  This frequency is more metaphysical, whereas the cubit measurements are more physical in nature.  Both are grounding, stabilizing, and transformative for human physical body pain, and for toxic and geo-pathic energies in the Earth.

Tensor rings do not ever need to be energetically cleansed or cleared; once welded, they create a closed crystalline circuit that does  not allow attachment or absorption of anything.

They originate from a blend of science, spirit, and technology; and exist in all dimensions at once, just like human consciousness.  Although there is science involved in this technology, the  tensor ring concept goes way beyond the current limits of science and into the worlds of spirit and imagination.

Tensor fields work on electro-, geo-, and magnetic- restructuring.  Within the field, ORMES (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements) are formed.  We can use this superconducting quality to accelerate healing and evolutionary shift, and raise our personal level of consciousness.

We can also use it to influence positive change in our local and planetary environments.  Although highly experimental, tensor rings have proven their effectiveness through the experiences of countless people.  See www.twistedsage.com and www.lightlifetechnology.com for information and testimonials regarding tensor rings.

See our Testimonials page for more testimonials about these products.

All of the West Tensor Rings are tested for functionality before they are sold.  If one of our rings breaks or is found to be unsatisfactory, return it for a refund of the purchase price.  Broken rings can be re-welded for no charge, other than you pay for the shipping to and from our location.

None of our products are recognized or approved by the FDA.  They are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.  This information is anecdotal, and is provided for educational purposes only.  It is not meant to be taken as medical advice.  See a health care professional for medical advice.

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