Fragrance Wheel Tool for Blending


Use the fragrance wheel tool like a color wheel.  Combine aromatic essential oils or absolutes that are close together on the wheel to create smooth, steady, complimentary aroma blends.

For more exciting, surprising, stimulating blends, include oils that are opposite or on different sides of the wheel.  Unexpected combinations often yield beautiful results in medicinal and natural perfume blending.

This is a full color wheel with aromatic notes arranged by color, to associate with olfactory notes. The hypothalamus, is a part of our brain that pre-dates language.  It is also the part where aroma is processed, emotion and memory are processed, and instinct is seated.  This means that there are no actual words for aromas, only words that are associated through another sense. We may say that something smells “green”, or flowery, or spicy, or smokey.  Or that it smells “like…”  something else that has a distinctive odor:  Like mint, like a skunk, like wet wool.

The fragrance wheel can help you organize your thoughts and language around aroma, and help you to describe aromas in a way that others will recognize.

Size:  8″ diameter

Type:  Aftelier (Modern)

Blog Entry About the Fragrance Wheel

When blending medicinal essential oils blends, try adding an oil that is sweet, floral, or spicy to the blend to make it more appealing.  Use a small amount of an opposite or complimentary oil on the wheel, to bring more interest or balance to a blend.

The fragrance wheel tool will help you to understand the aromatic relationships between different oils and absolutes, and gain the confidence to create with them.

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