White Fir Essential Oil


The white fir tree can live between 300 and 500 years.  It carries within its being the wisdom of a long lived species.

Inhaling white fir essential oil can help us relax into the present moment, while keeping our connection to the long term view.  It encourages the release of any emotional attachments that do not serve in the current time of our lives.

The white fir aroma is uplifting and celebratory, great for diffusing in your home during the Holiday Season, or any time you wish to bring an uplifting energy in.

Aromatic Profile

Top Note:  Soft, green, coniferous, resinous notes

Heart Note:  Green, sweet, nutty, woody, balsamic notes

Base Note:  Woody, balsamic, resinous notes

Classification:  Heart note

Tenacity:  Medium

In natural perfumery,  it is used in making colognes, forest notes, evergreen aromas, and fougeres.


More About Our White Fir Essential Oil

Size:  5 ml violet glass bottle  OR 30 ml violet glass bottle

Source:  USA or Austria

Distillation:  Artisan distilled by steam distillation, from wild needles,  stems, and wood

Botanical name:  Abies concolor

Homeopathic Properties of White Fir Essential Oil


Internal–oral homeopathic doses only, inhalation, diffusion

Externaltopical application, massage, bath, spinal and local compress, energy centers and meridian points

Observations and Anecdotal Information

White fir has a history of medicinal use among many Native American tribes of the southwest.  It has been used as a tea or decoction.  The sap (resin) has been applied as a wound dressing and even to fill tooth cavities.

The aromatic properties of white fir boost the immune system.  Inhaling the essential oil can relieve symptoms from respiratory infections, flu, staph, bronchitis, rhinitis, and coughing.

White fir stimulates cleansing of the lymphatic system, has a balancing effect on the endocrine system, and is a laxative when taken internally (at the proper dilution rate).

It is a superb essential oil for kidney and bladder issues, helping to dissolve stones, and clearing the urinary system of infection.

Suggested Use for This Purpose

Add 1 to 3  drops of white fir essential oil into a quart of water, and sip on it throughout the day.



  • Generally recognized as safe at normal dosage.
  • Safe for use during pregnancy.
  •  Avoid use with infants and small children.
  • Keep all essential oils away from eyes.
  • Store in a safe place, out of the reach of children.
  • All internal uses should be researched and/or supported by a health care professional.  Product quality and dosage are critically important when using essential oils internally.

None of our products are recognized or approved by the FDA.  They are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.  This information is anecdotal, and is provided for educational purposes only.  It is not meant to be taken as medical advice.  See a health care professional for medical advice.

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30 ml violet bottle, 5 ml violet glass bottle

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