Sugandh Kokila Essential Oil

Suganh kokila essential oil has an affinity for the abdominal energy center, which relates to relationships and creation energy.  It also enhances the heart center, bringing the frequency of unconditional love; and the throat center, supporting truth in communication.

It is expansive, protective, and transformative in its vibrational frequency.

The carminative, digestive and stomachic properties of this oil supports the digestive system and aids the process of metabolism.  It can be used internally at the proper dilution, as a tea for this purpose.

Aromatic Profile

 Top note:  Rich, sweet, penetrating, exotic spicy, woody, resinous notes

Heart Note:   Warm, radiant, herbaceous, camphoraceous notes

Base Note:     Sweet, exotic spicy, woody, herbaceous, camphoraceous, balsamic notes


Tenacity:  High–even after 12 hours of dry down, a sweet, spicy aroma still remains.

It is used in making natural incense compositions, spice notes, precious woods bouquets, oriental perfumes, forest notes, and ayurvedic blends.

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More About Our Sugandh Kokila Essential Oil

Size:  5 ml violet glass bottle

Source:  Nepal

Distillation:  Steam distilled from wild harvest berries

Botanical name:  Cinnamomum glaucescens

Note:  Also known as sugandha kokila essential oil.

Homeopathic Properties of Sugandh Kokila Essential Oil



External–massage, topical application, local and spinal compress, application to points, meridians, and energy centers, bath

Observations and Anecdotal Information

Sugandh kokila essential oil is a respiratory tonic that eases breathing and coughing, and helps flu, colds, and asthma.  It can expel mucus, open breathing passages, and dissolve congestion.

A fine oil for diffusion, it neutralizes environmental toxicity and helps clear molds and bacteria from the air.

It is a good oil for relieving headaches, which might come though a cool compress to the temples, or inhaling it from a diffuser.

It is a great oil for relieving pain from overexertion, sports injuries, tight muscles, inflammation, and arthritis.  Use it in a blend with carrier oil, lawang,  and blue spruce essential oils for this purpose.


  • Avoid use for pregnant and lactating women.
  • Avoid use with infants and young children.
  • Store essential oils out of the reach of children.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.

None of our products are recognized or approved by the FDA.  They are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.  This information is anecdotal, and is provided for educational purposes only.  It is not meant to be taken as medical advice.  See a health care professional for medical advice.

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