Saffron CO2 Extract


Saffron CO2 extract’s energetic properties are profound.  It has been a beloved spice by the “truth-seekers” of India; those initiates who chose their inner truth above the transient things of life.

Saffron itself has come to stand for truth, the kind that lies beneath all life.  It can help us see beneath the surface, and access the deeper truth beneath any situation or event.

It is also called Ankh (the same as the Egyptian Ankh, which symbolizes Eternal Life or Immortality).  Saffron flowers’ energy field is constantly regenerating itself, thus the association with immortality.

This energy field has been described as a “collection of rays constantly folding over each other”.  It continually folds and expands, over and over again, each side remaining in equal proportion to the other at all times.  The top half is always equal to the bottom half, and the left side is always equal to the right side.

When introduced into the human energy field, it is imitated as our field attempts to do the same thing, beginning to develop all of the polar opposites equally.  Brain hemispheres,  sides of the body, upper and lower parts, etc. all begin to match and equalize.  Even the inner self and outer body begin to align, creating more truth in our actions and being.

Saffron should be used in micro amounts, just a tiny bit every day, in order to receive the energetic benefits.  It supports the integration of the Light Body in advanced stages of ascension.

It is best to dilute this oil for energetic use, as much as 1000 parts carrier to 1 part oil.  (That would be about 500 ml or 8 ounces of carrier with 1 drop of saffron extract).

Coconut oil is a good candidate for dilution.

As an energy medicine, using a similar dilution makes a wonderful treatment for relieving trauma and negative emotional energy.  It restores the internal balance in the emotional body without losing the understanding of life lessons that came through the trauma.

Aromatic Profile

Top note:  Rich, warm, spicy, herbaceous notes

Heart note:  Rich, warm, spicy, herbaceous, delicate powdery floral notes

Base note:  Rich, warm, spicy, herbaceous, delicate powdery floral notes  


Tenacity:  Medium high

Saffron is so potent that it can be greatly diluted for blending.  It is used in creating spice and sacred perfumes, incense notes, culinary perfumes, colognes, oriental perfumes, and amber bases.

It blends well with many oils, including agar wood attar, champa leaf, balsam copaiba, ginger, siam wood, and turmeric.

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More About Our Saffron CO2 Extract

Size:  1.5 ml amber glass vial

Source:  India

Production method:  Filtered hypercritical CO2 extraction of the flower stigmas

Botanical name:  Crocus sativa

Note:  Saffron CO2 extract is made by collecting the stigmas of the crocus flower.   The work is very labor-intensive and yields only a small amount amount of oil, making it one of the highest priced natural substances on Earth.

Homeopathic Properties of Saffron CO2 Extract


Internal–oral, food, suppository

External–topical application, skin and wound application, local compress, spinal compress, points & energy centers

Observations and Anecdotal Information

Saffron CO2 extract is made from an ancient spice and medicine, used in several Eastern cultures.  As a culinary spice, it is considered worth more than its weight in gold.

Some of the healing properties attributed to saffron CO2 extract include use as a treatment for asthma, coughing, and relieving congestion.  It is also commonly used for insomnia and difficulty sleeping.

It can help reduce and prevent arteriosclerosis (hardening of arteries).  It is also used to stop spitting up blood, and other forms of internal bleeding including uterine bleeding.

It is effective for gas, bloating, intestinal issues, and heartburn.

It reduces the symptoms of PMS, fertility issues, premature ejaculation, and is sometimes used as an aphrodisiac.

It has been used to prevent or reverse baldness.  It is powerful for reliving depression.

It was recommended by Edgar Cayce for healing Psoriasis.

Saffron CO2 extract may help improve symptoms of Alzheimers.  It has been shown to significantly reverse the effects of aluminum toxicity, including memory loss and neurological disorders.

It may help improve athletic performance and muscle fatigue.

It is a remedy for cancer recovery support, and has been documented effective with colorectal cancer and pancreatic cancer.   It inhibits the growth of tumors in the laboratory, and has been shown to restrict the growth of soft tissue sarcomas.

It eases withdrawal from opiate addiction, and may be helpful for withdrawal from other addictive substances.

It helps clear liver toxicity resulting from chemotherapy treatment.  It has been shown to reduce symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

It is also helpful for cardiac hypertrophy (a thickening of the heart muscle), which results in a reduction in size of the heart’s chamber, increasing blood pressure.   It may be helpful for other forms of high blood pressure as well.


  • Generally recognized as safe in normal dosage.
  • Do not use with infants or small children unless recommended by a health care professional.
  • Keep all essential oils away from eyes.
  • Store in a safe place, out of the reach of children.
  • All internal uses should be researched and/or supported by a health care professional.  Product quality and dosage are critically important when using essential oils internally.

None of our products are recognized or approved by the FDA.  They are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.  This information is anecdotal, and is provided for educational purposes only.  It is not meant to be taken as medical advice.  See a health care professional for medical advice.

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