Ruh Juhi


Ruh juhi is a precious essential oil made from jasmine flowers.  It is distilled at extremely low pressure and temperatures, in copper degs. This oil becomes a sought after perfume in itself.

The yield is less than half of what can be expected if the same flower is subjected to extraction with solvents. The aromatic profile is also different, as the steam distillation process captures more of the top notes than the absolute and less of the base notes.

Aromatic Profile for Ruh Juhi Attar

Top note:  Delicious, warm, fresh, sweet, fruity, floral notes

Heart note:  Complex sweet, floral, rich balsamic, honey notes

Base note:

Classification:  Heart note

Tenacity:  High

In natural perfumery, ruh juhi is used in sacred blends and perfumes, high class florals, and high end natural perfumes.  It should be further  diluted, as the aroma is still somewhat “compressed” and will not show its diversity until it is diluted.

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More About Our Ruh Juhi

Size:  5 ml violet glass bottle

Botanical Name: Jasminum auriculatum

Source: India

Distillation: Steam distilled from pure fresh jasmine flowers, by the traditional method, using copper degs.  Diluted to 20% in pure filtered coconut oil.

Note:  The only difference between ruhs and attars, is that the attars are distilled into a sandalwood receiver, and the ruhs contain only the original plant’s oil. (We  also offer ruh motia, which is a similar distillation of a different jasmine species, Jasminum sambac).


Inhalation, diffusion, natural perfume blending, topical application, application to energy centers and meridian points.

A small amount of attar or ruh can go a very long way.  They should be diluted with a carrier oil for use.

Observations and Anecdotal Information

Ruh juhi is known as an aphrodisiac, and relaxant. It is helpful for depression of all kinds, and especially effective for post-natal depression. It is used as an Ayurvedic treatment for bone cancer, lymphatic and breast cancers; and for treating infections with a high fever.

It is a great support for childbirth, as it stimulates uterine contraction, and relieves pain.

It is not appropriate as an external or internal remedy during pregnancy, as it is stimulating to the uterus. During this time, it should only be used as a perfume or inhaled through diffusion.


  • Generally recognized as safe.
  • Avoid essential oil contact with eyes.
  • Store safely out of the reach of children.
  • All internal uses should be researched and/or supported by a health care professional.  Product quality and dosage are critically important when using essential oils internally.

None of our products are recognized or approved by the FDA.  They are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.  This information is anecdotal, and is provided for educational purposes only.  It is not meant to be taken as medical advice.  See a health care professional for medical advice.

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