Take the Kalahari Oil Challenge!

By / 5th October, 2019 / Healing Tips / No Comments

Michael and I recently acquired the Kalahari melon seed botanical oil from an exclusive grower in South Africa. This amazing oil is one of the finest oils for regenerating aging skin that we have ever seen–and believe me we have experienced the best that the world has to offer!

After using this oil daily on our faces for a couple of months, we both decided that this oil is GREAT, and it needs to get out to the people who are seeking support for their skin. We decided to offer it at a super reduced rate of 40% Off.

We are also extending a challenge! It goes like this: Purchase Kalahari melon seed oil at the sale price and use it daily on your face until your bottle is gone. Then write a comment about the oil and email it to us or post it here under reviews. We will happily extend you an additional purchase at 40% off at that time.

Or take photos of your face before you start using the oil, and again after you have used it daily (or nightly) for several weeks. Send us the 2 photos, and we will extend a 50% off price on your next order of Kalahari melon seed oil!

It is that simple! Based on our experience and that of some friends and colleagues, we know you will be delighted with the results! You only need to commit yourself to using it every day (or every evening). Why not give it a try and see just how much Kalahari melon seed oil can do for you?

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