Karmic Wheel 4

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karmic wheel 4Karmic Wheel 4

The Experience of Dharma (or Harmony, Balance and Respect)
When you have worked with the transformation of your thought forms in each stage of the karmic cycle, you may begin to experience pure consciousness (genuine, unconditional and non-emotional  love) from the Center of the Wheel.  It is  the feeling of being in the eye of the hurricane, while the play goes on around you, and while you play your roles in the play!

Now you are centered in love and connected with all of life, even while you make worldly choices and experience less-than-perfect results.  You become self-correcting, make conscious choices, and manifest your dreams and desires without judgement, and in synchronicity with the whole.

You share your true feelings with others, as they occur.  Relationships become genuine, and filled with respect and appreciation.  You easily love, appreciate, express gratitude,  express feelings, forgive, and trust.  The “Light” and “Dark” parts of the cycle are still there, but now you experience them very differently than you did in the earlier stages.

Many blessings to all for your personal initiation into this  level of consciousness and manifestation!

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