Karmic Wheel 2

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karmic wheel 2Karmic Wheel 2

Observing the Karmic Wheel: The Medicine Wheel of Relationship

This is the great cycle of the Medicine Wheel of Relationship. In all relationships, we experience a natural, constantly changing cycle of Light and Darkness. In order to make a shift in consciousness, and in the way we experience our relationships, we need to develop our inner observer.

To do this, check in frequently throughout your day, and observe your thoughts–see if you can identify what stage you are in by the thoughts you are having. This takes the power away from the ego mind, and begins to concentrate power in your true self, located in the Center–not your image self that the mind and emotions are so attached to.

The true self is always standing in the Center of this great cycle, as it is conscious of the whole cycle at once. When we can perceive the whole cycle, we are not identified with one phase or another. We no longer react so much to the outside world, because we know that this is a cycle that will soon pass from one phase into the next. We are no longer stuck!

It takes some personal commitment to continually observe and identify where you are, but it will bring the end of suffering and the beginning of genuineness and true ecstasy. From the level of consciousness in the center of the wheel (the heart), we can change every aspect of our experience of the karmic cycle.

Keep observing–make a game out of it. When the mind or emotions try to bring you back into a state of victimization or blame, just look at them from the center and say to yourself, “Aha! Now I am in the “I Blame You” stage!” Don’t engage with your partner’s charge, or react to it. Just hold a state of presence. This sounds easy, but really it is the whole path to enlightenment, and you will work with it at various levels throughout your life, if you are on a conscious spiritual path.

Once you have cultivated your ability to be the observer, you can move to the next level.

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