Karmic Wheel 1

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karmic wheel 1

Karmic Wheel 1

Walking the Karmic Wheel:  The Medicine Wheel of Relationship

This image shows the journey that we all walk as human beings.  There is no way to be alive (in any form) and NOT experience this karmic cycle, because it is the energetic foundation for life.  Even ascended masters have said that we still create karma just by breathing and being in a body.  So it is important not to judge or resist this experience of the cycle of karma.

This is the journey of relationship.  Beginning at the top of the wheel, we are in the higher frequency phases of the cycle, sometimes referred to as Heaven, or the Light side.

The first phase is “I Love You”.  This is where we carry the highest frequency of love for the other.  We feel completely attracted to them, and feel good about ourselves, especially when seeing ourselves through the eyes of the other.  We want to be together, imagine creating together, doing things together, etc. The thoughts going through our head during this stage can often be obsessive, and sometimes include fearful thoughts of losing the other, or strong images of being together;  “I love you, I must have you, I will die if I lose you”, etc.

This is followed by the “I Credit You” phase.  Here we feel appreciation for the other, and the kind of thoughts we may have in our head are, “My life is better because of you, you fill me up, you have amazing gifts, I can’t believe you are with me, I am a better person with you in my life”, etc.

At some point in these high frequency phases of walking the wheel, we generate a positive charge which pulls us together with our partner;  it is very likely to find expression as a sexual exchange or some other type of positive, loving, harmonious exchange.

The next phase is called “I Am Fulfilled” (or could be–“I Don’t Need You”).  Here we feel neutral, but it is really an attitude of superiority disguised as neutrality.  We feel self directed and independent.  The wild emotion of the “I Love You” stage is now gone, and we feel no more charge.  Thoughts might be, “I am fine with you or without you.  I really don’t need you in my life.  I can take care of myself. You are great, and so am I”, etc.

We are beginning to enter the lower frequency phases of the cycle at this point.  The lower phases are called Hell by some religious orders; others think of them as the Dark phases.  As we grow in consciousness, we will begin to perceive them differently, and even to enjoy their passage.

The next stage is “I Don’t Love You”.  Here we begin to feel repulsed by the other.  We can’t imagine what we first saw in him or her–all of their qualities now look like character flaws.  As much as we admired them in the first stage, we now see only their weaknesses.

Next we move into the “I Blame You” phase.  Here we may have another obsessive thought pattern going on in our head–one that is telling a story about how much the other is disrespecting us, how they are responsible for everything wrong in our lives, how they could not possibly be a good partner for us, etc.  We can generate so much negative energy if we allow this stage to go unchecked, that it will frequently end in a fight or argument.  This will dispel some of the charge, but may or may not move us out of the phase.

Finally we are in the “I am Empty” (or “I Need You”) phase.  This is where we feel the emptiness and begin to want to fill it up.  Most humans are afraid of the feeling of emptiness, and will do anything to keep from feeling it.  Here we will begin to think,” I need this person in my life, what would I be without him or her”, etc.  We are once again approaching the higher frequency phases of the cycle.

And we begin to go around the cycle again.

This cycle can run through really fast–in an hour or two–or really slowly such as during a 20 year partnership.  We will experience both  microcosmic and macrocosmic versions of the same cycle.

During their first experiences with the relationship cycle, many people have an issue that keeps them from completing the whole cycle.

They may be fine through the falling in love and the early stages, but once arriving at the more challenging stage, where they begin to feel their independence in a relationship, they will just check out and start over with someone else.  They may leave a lot of relationships and wonder why they can not find “the one” (a big myth in many cases).

At some point they may grow in consciousness enough to realize that there is something more to relationship, and become willing to break through and stick it out into the other half of the cycle.  Only then can the experience of relationships truly change.

Of course, this cycle is polarized.  It is mostly controlled by the mind (ego) and felt by the emotions.  That means that it has both “good” and “bad” effects, and “good” and “bad” feelings.  If we want to change this roller coaster effect, we need to become conscious in the cycle so that the ego and emotions are no longer in control.  How do we do that?

Karmic Wheel 2

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