Healing Essential Oils Video Mini-Course


Our Healing Essential Oils video mini-course is covered in a series of four video recordings.  They are offered below.

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Downloadable documents accompany each video recording.

Our Healing Essential Oils video mini-course is dedicated to Joan Johnson, a gifted teacher and an amazing student, who inspired us to offer this course free of charge to everyone.

Sample Set

An accompanying sample set   of essential oils is available by order. It must be ordered separately.

Healing Essential Oils Video Mini-Course 

Part 1–Essential Oils Origins 

This video discusses the origin of essential oils; why plants produce them; yield, and chemotypes.  13:00 minutes.


Part 2–Essential Oil Production

Covers the distinction between artisan distilled essential oils and commercially produced oils; hypercritical CO2 extraction; cold expression; and other methods of essential oil extraction.  15:30 minutes.


Part 3–Essential Oils Theory

Covers essential oil theory:  The science of how they work.
Discusses the differences between essential oils and pharmaceutical drugs; inhalation and the limbic brain; topical skin absorption; gas chromatography.  17:00 minutes.


Coming Soon! Part 4–Essential Oils in Co-creation  

Covers the indigenous herbalists’ view of essential oils;  the art of working with the consciousness–or spirit–of the plants.

essential oils video

Photo by Kathryn Sharp



  • Lindsey Meyers April 6, 2011 at 8:59 pm

    I just took this course within the last month and absolutely loved it!
    I found it to be incredibley informative and inspiring.
    The information on how to select and identitfy oils of quality was extremely enlightening and is desperatly missing for the mainstream essential oil industry today!
    In addition, a variety of ways to use essential oils for healing and therapies was covered and the truth of what powerful medicine these oils are, when used correctly, and of pure-quality was revealed.
    I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in or currently using essential oils, massage therapists using body oils and anyone in the healing arts field.


  • Vicki Butler June 15, 2012 at 4:36 am

    I took this online course last year and can not begin to describe the amazing amount of information that was provided – and is NOT offered in the mainstream courses given in today’s society. I’ve taken other online essential oil courses, and none of them even begin to offer what Kathryn has. This class took me beyond what my imagination could even begin to fathom. If you are looking to raise your awareness to the truth about essential oils – then this is the class for you! She also offers many ways to utilize the oils so that it can be easily integrated into our everyday lives as well as for utilizing the oils for specific healing treatments. To this very day, I continue to utilize the information provided in this class in assisting not only myself, but my family, and clients who come to me for help.

    With her words of wisdom, and her loving passion to assist humankind through co-creation, Kathryn is a true Shaman. It is an honor to learn and co-create with her!


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