Borage Botanical Oil

Borage CO2 extract has a regenerative effect on the skin, joints, nerves, and cardiovascular system.

It can be taken internally to provide the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids, and for hydrating skin, reducing body pain, and helping to reduce the effects of aging.

Borage CO2 extract can be used as a carrier oil for massage and skin treatments.  Applied to lips, under eyes, and dry or damaged skin, it can help repair cells and rehydrate dryness.  It is a great addition to cremes and salves.

It is also a wonderful internal supplement.  It can supply the fatty acid building blocks that can regenerate skin, reduce inflammation, and even help balance the endocrine system.

Many people find that taking borage CO2 extract daily, can reduce body pain and general fatigue from unknown sources.

Source:  China

Distillation:  CO2 total, unrefined

Botanical name: Borago officianalis

Note:  We no longer stock this item

Physical Properties of Borage CO2 Extract


Internal–oral as food or supplement

External–topical, skin treatment, massage, cosmetic use, carrier oil

Observations and Anecdotal Information

Unrefined borage CO2 extract is the highest source for omega 6 fatty acids, called GLA.  When combined with omega 3 fatty acids, it can be helpful for treating a wide range of short and long term illnesses.

Borage CO2 extract counteracts various inflammatory and age related disorders.  Because it is anti-inflammatory, it can help with reduction of pain caused by muscle or nerve degeneration, including arthritis.

Studies have also shown it to be effective for the majority of people suffering from eczema.  It has been effective in weight normalization, respiratory disorders, and skin disorders including acne.


  • No contraindications are known.  Borage oil is generally regarded as safe at normal dosages.
  • Do not use during pregnancy or lactation, or with infants or small children.

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Borage Botanical Oil

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