Parasite Cleansing Our Annual Autumn Ritual

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Parasite Cleansing–Our Annual Autumn Ritual

Every year in the autumn season, Michael and I do a parasite cleanse with our herbal tonic, ParaThunder.

This has become a huge tool for us in our regeneration and ascension processes, to attain and maintain the highest possible frequency in our physical bodies.

We both notice dramatic effects of increased energy, relief of body pain, headaches, and other symptoms; and a happier and more stable emotional body–all from doing this annual cleanse.

You may wonder why we think we need a parasite cleanse at all.  We eat very health conscious meals, avoid high risk foods by growing much of our own; we have no house pets, and travel very little these days.  One would think that we are at extremely low risk for parasite infestation.

But these are not the only factors that increase the risk.  Here are handful of the many lifestyle choices that can put us at high risk for parasites.

  • Diagnosis of an immune disorder or a degenerative disease.
  • Had surgery or a blood transfusion.
  • Live or work with a dog, cat, bird, reptile, horse, pig, sheep, cow, or other animal.
  • Shake hands frequently with others.
  • Eat in restaurants regularly.
  • Do laundry in a laundromat.
  • Work with the public in any personal capacity.
  • Work in a school, or with young children.
  • Work in or regularly visit a hospital.
  • Travel often or work with travelers.
  • Regularly use public exercise equipment, saunas, or pools.
  • Have had a parasite infection before.
  • Have a chronic cough, chronic intestinal issues, or substance addiction.

Check these links to other pages with more information on herbal parasite cleansing, and learn more about what makes herbal parasite cleansing our annual autumn ritual.

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