Pinon Pine Essential Oil

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Source:  Utah wilderness, USA

Distillation:  Steam distilled in small batches by  co-creative artisans

Botanical name:  Pinus edulis / Pinus monphyllata

The beautiful Pinon Pine was a big player in the indigenous community of the desert southwest.    Although known for its edible seeds, it filled many other roles including medicinal, ceremonial, and structural.

The Mescalero Apache valued the pinon nut, and collected it beginning around October.  The nuts were parched on hot rocks or coals, then stored for use throughout the winter.  The Navajo ground them into powder and made them into sun-dried cakes, storing them through the winter.

Pollen was gathered in the spring for ceremonial use.  Pinon was also a player in the puberty rites of young girls.

Medicinal uses include treatment for colds, skin infections, respiratory ailments, and burns.  Today’s uses include treatment and prevention of cancer, scoliosis, adrenal tonic, and blood purification.  When used at the proper dosage, pinon can help the human body heal almost anything.

Energetically, pinon pine heals broken hearts and emotional pain.  It soothes the emotional body, and helps us to gain some distance on our feelings, so that we can accept them and put them into perspective.  It is a perfect oil to use during and after deep tissue treatments or hypnotherapy, or any treatments that open up the emotional body and expose old hurts.

Available in 5 ml Violettglass bottle.

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