More About White Sage Landing

Solar shower stalls

Our home has a modest off-grid solar electrical system, and relies on rainwater for our water needs. Depending on the year and season, water may be limited or very limited.


Our facilities include a shower house with composting toilets and simple solar camp showers. Depending on water conditions, showers may be limited to every second or third day.

We have a small number of rustic guest rooms for private use.  Public accommodations are available near by in Fredonia, Arizona and Kanab, Utah, and at Jacob Lake, Arizona.  Check with us for motel recommendations.


Battery operated appliances are welcome. No hairdryers, alarm clocks, or other electric appliances are allowed; our solar system will not support them. Cell phones rarely work with consistency, although wifi internet connection is fairly reliable.  We are completely off the grid, with no telephone service within 13 miles.  Part of the charm and gift of visiting this wilderness area is the experience of living in the moment, without the usual distractions of our everyday lives.

Laundry Facilities

Laundry facilities are available in Fredonia, Arizona. This is about 15 miles away from White Sage Landing.

Please Note

White Sage Landing is a tobacco-, coffee-, drug- and alcohol- free zone. We ask that you leave these things at home.

Please leave pets at home. (There is a pet boarding facility in Kanab, Utah, about 25 miles from White Sage). The desert flora and wildlife are not friendly to pets.